Radio in Canada

Radio Remains Very Popular Across Canada

According to the Radio Marketing Bureau, 33% of adult Canadians’ daily media time is spent engaged in radio, second only to TV. Radio offers a great way to reach all demographics.

How Radio is Measured

In the past radio was measured using the diary method, but is now measured in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton using PPM (Portable People Meter) technology. PPM is worn much like a pager and picks up hidden tones within a station’s audio stream and logs each time it discovers a signal. Other markets continue to rely on the diary method to measure station reach.

Radio Reaches Nearly All Canadians

  • Radio reaches 95% of Canadians over the age of 18 every week, second only to TV in every age category
  • 70% percent of Canadians listen to radio on the drive to work, at school or while shopping
  • Radio rates the highest of all media for ability to reach the consumer less than an hour before shopping
  • In addition to the traditional English and French radio stations, there are dozens of alternative language stations in Canada, reaching the rapidly growing ethnic populations

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