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Radio Media Research

We maintain accurate and up-to-date data on Canadian radio stations, including rates and contemporary research to provide you with the best marketing value. We measure usage trends, audience data, format changes and programming offerings across Canada to produce a total suite of engagement metrics used by our buyers and planners for our agency clients, distributors, and marketers.

Strategic Planning

We work within your strategic parameters to develop media recommendations that will meet your goals. Many of our clients have varying goals, direct response, brand promotion, announcements, short term promotions, and other messaging that can be carefully matched against the target audience in a given market. Every radio plan is custom developed and negotiated on behalf of our clients.

Media Buying

Working with our radio industry partners in Canada, we are able to offer a variety of formats and options that can be combined to reach your radio advertising objectives. Advertising on radio has consistently proven to be an effective and efficient medium to help generate brand awareness and grow business for a variety of companies across a range of geographical markets.

Reporting and Analysis

When we buy advertising on Canadian radio, our work has just begun. We will provide full post-radio campaign reports and analysis to determine the overall success of the advertising effort. We monitor campaigns, negotiate bonus spots and digital added value. Most stations have actively promoted websites and social media components that can incorporate a client’s creative and messaging.