Why Radio?

Radio Reaches Millions

With average individual daily Canadian radio listenership of three hours combined with strong station loyalty, radio offers advertisers an exceptional platform to engage consumers in the marketplace.

Research Proves It!

The Canadian Radio Effectiveness Lab conducted research that shows radio advertising has the power to connect with an audience in a unique, personal way.

Here Are The Facts:

  • Consumers feel more connected with their community via radio advertising
  • Listeners get last-minute information before they make purchasing decisions
  • Audiences trust the messages they hear more than any other media
  • Radio today reaches more than 91 percent of people in Canada on a weekly basis
  • There are more than 800 radio stations across Canada, covering 30 different formats
  • Consumers are listening for more than 2.5 hours every day on average
  • More than two-thirds of the weekly radio audience works full-time, tuning in during the working day, away from home

Canadians listen to radio daily and spend several hours tuning in each week. Radio delivers affordable frequency or repetition. Repetition builds brand awareness and awareness is a fundamental element in building market share.

Our Services

Reporting and Analysis

When we buy advertising on Canadian radio, our work has just begun. We will provide full post-radio campaign reports and analysis to determine the overall success of the advertising effort.

Media Buying

Working with our radio industry partners in Canada, we are able to offer a variety of formats and options that can be combined to reach your radio advertising objectives.

Strategic Planning

We work within your strategic parameters to develop media recommendations that will meet your goals. Many of our clients have varying goals, direct response, brand promotion,

Radio Media Research

We maintain accurate and up-to-date data on Canadian radio stations, including rates and contemporary research to provide you with the best marketing value.

About Us

Canada Radio Media

We have been helping clients for nearly 20 years, ensuring that their message reaches its target audience by delivering expert guidance on Canadian radio media strategies. Founded in 1996 by Paul Schnabel as a division of Dicomm, we maintain offices in Toronto and New York. Our select team of radio sales and research professionals deliver results to clients across the U.S. and Canada. We consider our clients to be our partners, and we treat them as such, by using our years of negotiating, sales and buying expertise.


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Radio is indebted to two other discoveries for its birth- telephone and telegraph. These three technologies are very closely related.....

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Radio is indebted to two other discoveries for its birth- telephone and telegraph. These three technologies are very closely related.....

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